In the Community

Epilepsy - Would You Know How to Help?

Anywhere you find people, there is the possibility that a seizure may occur. Whether a business serving the public, a youth or social group, a day care, or any of the places that people with a seizure disorder live, work, and play, the potential exists.

Most often, it is those present who are needed to offer assistance in the event of a seizure. Understanding what is happening and how to help prepares people to recognize and assist if needed, and greatly reduces the fear and misunderstanding that is so commonly associated with epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Association of Calgary is committed to providing epilepsy related knowledge and skills to a wide array of community groups and organizations to ensure that those living with epilepsy are active, engaged, and accepted members of their communities.

Sessions can be custom designed to meet the needs of any organization or group. The recommended length per sessions is 45 minutes to one hour. Times are flexible and one or more no-cost sessions can be organized.

Contact the Public Education Coordinator at (403) 230-2764 to discuss your needs and to request a session for your organization or group!

For school presentations, please check out our In the School page.

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