Taking Control Wellness Program

There are many types of seizure disorders. How much seizures can be controlled varies from individual to individual. Everyone, no matter who they are or what type of seizure they have, can learn to control the effects of seizures on their lives.

Who is this Program For?

This program is designed for adults who are ready and willing to examine the impact epilepsy has on his/her life and become an active participant in minimizing the negative impact of epilepsy, while working towards an optimal level of health and wellness.

What is Involved?

The Taking Control of Your Epilepsy program is a health promotion approach that considers the entire individual - physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. The program's twelve guidelines provide a step-by-step approach leading to a better understanding of epilepsy and the many factors that lead to seizures. In addition, participants learn new skills that reflect their individual needs and choices. Examples include: Identifying and using triggers and auras for improved seizure control and stress reduction and management techniques. The individual with epilepsy is the most important person in the process of taking control, because it is the individual who will learn how to better cope with the impact epilepsy has on his/her life. While it may not be possible to totally control all forms of epilepsy, it is possible to reduce the negative effects of living with epilepsy, while enhancing the positive effects of increased self-esteem and overall level of wellness.
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How Long Will the Program Last?

The length of time required to complete the program varies with each individual. Participants should be prepared to commit to a minimum of twelve weeks with one and a half hour sessions.
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How Can I Enroll in This Program?

To participate in the Taking Control: Wellness Skills Development program, contact the Epilepsy Association of Calgary Support Coordinator (403) 230-2764.
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Taking Control Background

The Taking Control: Wellness Skills Development approach is based on the book, Taking Control of Your Epilepsy: A Workbook for Patients and Professionals (1987: Reiter, Andrews, and Janis), as well as the continuing work and research of Donna Andrews and Dr. Joel Reiter of Santa Rosa, California.

Reiter, Joel MD, Andrews, Donna M.R.A., and Janis, Charlotte RN, F.N.P. (1987). Taking Control of Your Epilepsy: A Workbook for Patients and Professionals. Santa Rosa California: The Basics Publishing Company.
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