The penguin – or, ECHO, once you get to know the bird – may not seem like it has much to do with epilepsy, but he truly does. He also makes for a logo that serves as a pretty great icebreaker.

The thing is, the popular image of a penguin as a cute, waddling bird in a tuxedo is far from the reality. In fact, there are numerous species living in some of the harshest conditions on the planet like the extreme colds of Antarctica and heats of Africa. Despite the climates, countless predators and more hardships, they thrive. They’ve adapted to conditions that would test the strongest of souls and yet still find a way to charm mankind with their antics.

People who live with epilepsy are not so different from the white and black bird. They’ve learned to live – and thrive – with harsh conditions. And while they don’t often wear tuxedos (because who does anymore, really?!), they don’t display any visible signs of their condition – until they dramatically do when a seizure occurs.

Penguins are much more than they appear. They are cute, yet they are strong. We believe those with epilepsy are the same, and we hope that ECHO will help us do away with fear and start the conversation to crush the stigma.


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