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Kyle’s Story

My name is Kyle Baigent, and at the age of 11, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Back then, epilepsy was unfamiliar territory for our family, and there was very little support or information available about my condition.

Controlling my epilepsy proved to be a significant challenge. Standard anticonvulsant drugs were not effective, and it was a trying time for both myself and my family. I grappled with depression and a sense of isolation, but with the support I received, I managed to overcome some of these feelings.

Over the years, I’ve undergone numerous changes in medications and lifestyle adjustments. Thankfully, my seizures have reduced from occurring upwards of ten times a day to just one or two every few weeks. While I’ve been told I may never be entirely seizure-free, this significant improvement has greatly enhanced my quality of life.

The Epilepsy Association of Calgary holds immense importance for me. It played a pivotal role in helping me realize that I am not alone in this journey. Twelve years ago, I began volunteering with the association, and in doing so, I met many individuals who face similar struggles as myself. It’s my way of giving back for all the support, care, understanding, and invaluable information I’ve received over the years. I’m now honored to hold the title of “Volunteer Ambassador” at EAC.

In my role, I’m involved in various tasks including administration, and raising awareness. I’m committed to continuing my volunteer work for many more years because I have the privilege of working alongside a remarkable group of individuals who are wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting as many individuals and families as possible.

No one living with epilepsy should feel isolated or unsupported. Thanks to organizations like EAC, there is a wealth of assistance available. My hope is that EAC can expand its services to further aid all individuals and families grappling with epilepsy.


Join me in supporting the $100K Charge For Epilepsy, helping secure a brighter future for Calgarians who require support now.


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