Peer Mentors

To become a Peer Mentor, you must be living well with epilepsy for at least two years, have a high level of self awareness, and be ale to set clear boundaries. Mentors are matched with someone of the same gender, approximately the same age, and with a similar epilepsy diagnosis.

Depending on preferences, you’ll provide support via text, phone, and/or online. Peer mentors utilize the information learned during support to encourage and guide your mentee along their journey.

It will also be your responsibility to immediately report any physical or mental health concerns to the staff person overseeing this program if they arise – you will learn more about the obligation to report when someone is a threat to themselves or others.

Peer mentors for groups (families and caregivers) will be match to the diagnosis and age of the child/adult living with epilepsy. Peer Support is available to anyone across Southern Alberta and all programs are COVID compliant.

All volunteers are required to participate in an orientation and submit related documents. Once complete, you will be screened by an EAC panel and participate in a six-hour, three part training program. Each mentor will make a minimum commitment of one year to EAC and will support at least one mentee during that time.

After you have successfully completed your training, you will be matched with a mentee by our volunteer panel. You will be encouraged to establish a supportive relationship with your mentee, while respecting appropriate boundaries and limitations.

Become a Peer Mentor

Complete our simple online form to help someone in your community live well with epilepsy!

Peer Mentor Time Commitments

  • 6 hours of training (3 x 2 hour sessions),
  • Approximately 1-3 hours/week of support to your mentee(s),
  • 1-2 hours/month of team check in and or check in/support with the program facilitator,
  • Time to complete a brief contact summary (length of time, activity, general conversation),
  • 1-year minimum commitment to being a mentor,
  • Check in meetings,
  • Submitting a summary document for each contact.

Peer Mentor Requirements

  •  Living well with epilepsy for at least 24 months, meaning that your medications, side effects are well managed, and you are living in acceptance of your epilepsy,
  • A desire to support those recently diagnosed/living with epilepsy,
  • A high level of self-awareness and willingness to check one’s own emotions and motivations; must be able to set and maintain strong and healthy boundaries,
  • Sign off on a confidentiality agreement,
  • Present a Police Check for vulnerable persons,
  • References will be requested.

Do you have an idea for a workshop? Or a suggestion for our new peer support program?

We want to hear from you! Call 403-230-2764, ext 105 or email us your idea.

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