Courses & Seminars

We offer courses and seminars throughout the year that are specially selected to accommodate the interests and needs of our participants. Each course uses the latest information available through a variety of formats. That means it won’t just be lectures like when you were in school; instead we invite special guests, do panel presentations and host workshops supplemented by films, videos, printed information, discussion and question and answer forums.

2022 Webinars

Epilepsy Association of Calgary, in collaboration with Epilepsy Edmonton Association, is pleased to announce a series of webinars taking place on the third Thursday of each month. Please email support@epilepsycalgary.com to register today!

Webinar about CBD treatment for epilepsy 

We collaborated with Edmonton Epilepsy to bring you an information session on CDB, it can be viewed here. Please email support@epilepsycalgary.com for more information.