Three Cheers for Volunteers!

Throughout our history, volunteers have been the heart and soul of the Epilepsy Association of Calgary. It is through the participation and dedication of volunteers, that we have been able to provide programs in the community for over 55 years.

As a volunteer, you are extremely important to the Epilepsy Association. Roles may evolve and change over time based on agency needs & opportunities, volunteer needs & opportunities, as well as the many skills and interests volunteers bring to the association. It is our hope that your participation will be of benefit to you—whatever your particular interests may be!

We have a number of volunteer opportunities for those who want to volunteer, and we provide all needed training. Opportunities include:
  • Office Assistant
  • Education Displays & Activities
  • Epilepsy Education Month
  • Purple Day
  • Special Events
  • Fund-Raising Activities
  • Casino Fund-Raiser
  • Penguin Mascot

For your time, interest, and enthusiasm as a volunteer, we hope you will experience some of the following benefits:
  • An enhanced understanding of epilepsy and those affected by it
  • Working in a range of roles and activities
  • An opportunity to test your creative talents and develop new ones
  • An opportunity to meet new people
  • Work experience for your resume
  • Personal satisfaction and growth

Most importantly, your involvement will help make a world of difference for someone whose life has been affected by epilepsy – and we think that's worth celebrating!

If you are interested in doing great things with us, please fill out our Volunteer Application Form or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (403)230-2764.

Some opportunities are ongoing, while others are on-call or occasional. Volunteers may participate in any or all activities for which they have the time and interest in pursuing. The Epilepsy Association of Calgary is a member of Volunteer Calgary.