Start Your Own Fundraiser

We rely on support and donations from individuals and organizations to help more people live well with epilepsy – thank you for choosing to participate! Our Fundraisers raise awareness and much needed funds for our community-based Programs.

We’ll set your event up for success. Our new Third-Party Fundraising Toolkit – along with your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity – will ensure you engage with family, friends, co-workers, and the community in a meaningful way while you meet your fundraising goals!

Download our Third-Party Fundraising Toolkit

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Step 1 – Please download and review our Third-Party Fundraising Toolkit.

Step 2 – Fill in our online form so we can learn about your fundraising idea and goals.

Step 3 – An EAC team member will respond to confirm your info, discuss your Fundraiser, and make a decision.

Step 4Once approved, you’ll receive access to online templates for social media, print posters, donation forms, and information about our programs, support services, and advocacy.

Step 5 – Create a custom Fundraiser page to share with friends and family, promote your event, and issue official tax receipts for donations. It’s easy and takes less than a minute!

Fundraise Up

Not hosting an event? Only want to promote online?
Click below to start your own custom, shareable fundraiser!

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Not sure where to start?

Here are some potential fundraisers that you can create on your own, to help support those living with epilepsy.
Birthday Party
Bake Sale
Golf Tournaments
Tribute Celebration
Walks, Marathons & Fun Runs

Why Should You Help Us?

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Epilepsy can impact anyone, at any time

Anybody can develop epilepsy at any point in their lives. It could be you, someone you care for, or simply someone you know. A vast majority of the population need assistance in order to live well with their epilepsy. You have the ability to help children, adults and elders.

You can help people live WELL with epilepsy

Your initiatives to help EAC out allow us to fund our programs and services. Because of this, we can help those living with epilepsy find ease and support throughout their health journey.

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Show support and have fun at the same time

You can support a great cause while throwing an event that will be loads of fun, and highly memorable.

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