Epilepsy Education in School

Outside of the home, the school is one of the most important places to a child. It’s where they learn, grow and become the people they’ll be for the rest of their lives. When a child has epilepsy, informed teachers and school staff are absolutely integral to ensuring the school continues to be a place that can enhance the physical and mental well-being of that student.

Education Sessions For Schools

To help make sure students thrive in our schools, we offer education sessions for staff and student groups at absolutely no cost.

By ensuring teachers, students and support staff are well-informed they can all work together to achieve the following:

  • School personnel will be alerted to the signs of seizure activity.
  • Many children have been successfully diagnosed and treated because of alert teachers who knew what to look for.
  • Seizure activity will not be mislabeled as a behavioral issue.
  • The teacher will be able to respond calmly and effectively to a seizure.
  • The occurrence of a seizure will not be disruptive and frightening to the class.
  • By nurturing a calm and accepting atmosphere, the teacher will be able to create a favorable social climate for the child at school that fosters positive self esteem and prevents isolation of the child with epilepsy.
  • Awareness of possible educational problems will encourage early intervention strategies to help the child with epilepsy reach his or her academic potential.
  • The child who has epilepsy will be encouraged to participate in all school activities, avoiding social exclusion.
  • The teacher’s observations and reporting of any changes in the child will help parents work more effectively with the child’s physician to control seizures.
  • Children who have epilepsy will not be underestimated.

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