What is a Seizure Action Plan? 

Seizure Action Plans are an important tool for people who experience seizures. They help organize important information about your epilepsy including emergency contact information, what your seizures look like, how frequently they occur, how to respond when one happens, and when to call 911 – all in one place.

Why is it important to have a Seizure Action Plan? 

A Seizure Action Plan describes your seizures and the care you need in a clear, concise way. It can help prevent an emergency or guide others during one and allows your loved ones to play in central role in your seizure management. Create multiple Seizure Action Plans for different situations in your life to communicate your needs to friends, co-workers, teachers and others.

Your success in managing epilepsy will depend on being prepared to tackle whatever comes your way – from understanding your epilepsy and maintaining seizure control to responding to seizures and managing your safety. Creating a seizure plan is one way of improving your safety and increase the confidence to respond in those you interact with. 

When you’re prepared, seizures – or the fear of seizures – won’t prevent you from living well with epilepsy. 

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Adult Seizure Action Plan

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