Epilepsy in the Workplace

Finding a job, keeping it and excelling at it is a challenge for just about every single person in the world. Except for maybe whoever dresses up as Harvey the Hound. He gets to go to every game and everyone loves him. That seems like a pretty easy gig.

But aside from that, the workplace can be tough – and especially so for people with epilepsy. It’s not just a challenge, it’s integral to offering the ability to be a self-sufficient, contributing member of the community.

Fear, ignorance and plain old misinformation can often create significant difficulties in the workplace for people with epilepsy – with potentially devastating consequences, such as job loss. To make matters worse, that level of stress can increase seizure frequency.

It shouldn’t be that way. And it doesn’t have to be.

Education Sessions for Workplaces

We’ve specially developed in-person education sessions to help ensure workplaces understand epilepsy and the importance of creating a supportive and safe environment.

Our no-cost sessions are typically 45-60 minutes and cover the basics of epilepsy, seizure recognition and first aid.

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