Project UPLIFT

Project UPLIFT is an eight-week, small group program for adults living with epilepsy. It’s designed to improve negative feelings and overall psychological quality of life by teaching skills and habits to better manage low mood, anxiety and depression.

Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, participants will learn new coping strategies, mindfulness, and tangible skills to improve their daily mood and emotional wellbeing. These skills include learning how to relax, monitor your thoughts, cope with difficult situations, and changes in mood.

Modules Include:
   • Noticing Thoughts
   • Checking and Changing Thoughts
   • Coping and Relaxing    • Attention and Mindfulness        • The Present as a Calm Place   • Thoughts as Changeable, Thoughts as Not Fixed     • Focus on Pleasure and the Importance of Rewards   • Preventing Lapses and Giving Thanks

Key Features:
   • Education about epilepsy and mood, depression and anxiety, and mindfulness
   • Training and practice using specific strategies to cope with negative thoughts
   • Personalized goal-setting and support to help you identify when and how to implement the skills learned into your everyday life
   • Qualified facilitator teams to include a trained epilepsy mental health professional and a trained peer with epilepsy
   • A virtual group program via Zoom

There is no cost to participate and registration for Project UPLIFT is now open!

If you’re newly diagnosed with epilepsy, or you’re struggling with your diagnosis, please email us to discuss registration.

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