Purple: it’s not just the colour of royalty – it’s also the colour that sparks a conversation every March and inspires us to light our community purple.

In 2008 a girl named Cassidy Megan had a great idea. She wanted to get people talking about epilepsy because, as someone living with the condition, she knew firsthand there were too many myths and too many people with seizures who felt alone.

It stuck and March 26th became internationally recognized as Purple Day. Every March we raise awareness and help spread the facts about epilepsy though community outreach and various events.

Join Epilepsy Calgary and help turn Southern Alberta purple on March 26th!

Turn your outdoor and indoor LED lights to purple, wear purple, or indulge in a purple treat – then post your pics using the hashtag #postyourpurple.  

We’re thankful to have so many generous local companies, community organizations, governments, and individual households participating this year.

Wondering where you might find a decadent purple treat? Check out the list of 2023 Purple Treats below and mark your calendar!

2023 Purple Landmarks

2023 Purple Organizations

2023 Purple Treats

Don’t forget to share your photos on our social media or email giving@epilepsycalgary.com


If you’re looking for some tunes to enhance Purple Day, our long-time volunteer Martin Bell has you covered with a selection featuring everything from Sheb Wooley’s ‘Purple People Eater’ to the purple one himself, Prince. Thanks, Martin!

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