Our six core programs are available free of charge to anyone affected by epilepsy. Register today or complete a Self-Referral.


The goal of PACES is to increase the medical, psychosocial, and community adjustment of adults with active seizure conditions. In small groups over eight weeks, participants develop coping and goal-setting strategies to improve their quality of life and ability to self-management their epilepsy and any associated anxiety and depression.

Project UPLIFT

Project UPLIFT is designed to improve overall psychological quality of life, specifically depression. A small group of up to six individuals meet once a week for eight weeks to connect, share and learn. The meetings are virtual and last an hour. Please register today if you’re over 18, living with epilepsy, and are struggling to live well with epilepsy.


HOBSCOTCH is a home based self-management and cognitive training program that changes lives. It’s designed to help people with epilepsy develop management and coping methods to deal with cognitive issues arising from an epilepsy diagnosis and to help them lead happier, more productive lives.

Epilepsy Support Groups

Reaching out and connecting with other people with epilepsy is an important part of living well with epilepsy. Whether you’re and adult living with a diagnosis or a caregiver, you’ll find a Support Group to help.

Peer 2 Peer Support

Our Peer 2 Peer Mentoring program matches anyone at least 16 years old, including caregivers, with a peer mentor who has been living well with epilepsy for at least two years, to engage in meaningful, supportive relationship building.

Education Sessions

From schools to skyscrapers, we’d love to visit your community and present one of our customized educational sessions about epilepsy. It’s free and usually an hour long – but most importantly, for someone with epilepsy it can make a world of difference.

Do you have an idea for a workshop? Or a suggestion for our new peer support program?

We want to hear from you! Call 403-230-2764 or email us your idea.

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