Anywhere there’s people, there’s epilepsy. The mall, the movie theatre, the office. Maybe even your own home. The potential for epilepsy – and a seizure – is literally everywhere we are.

And most often it’s those present during a seizure who need to offer help. With proper knowledge and skills, anyone can assist with a seizure – even you!

But too often people are limited by misunderstanding and fear. Our solution to this stigma is education.

The Importance of Education

We are committed to providing epilepsy-related knowledge and skills to any community or organization interested. Our 45-60 minute sessions can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. Our times are flexible and we are ready to organize one or more no-cost sessions for your group.

Request a session or call our Public Education Coordinator at (403) 230-2763.

Epilepsy Education in School

From crushing the stigma, to empowering students and teachers alike to recognize the signs of a seizure and know how to help, enhancing the overall quality of life for people with epilepsy starts with education.

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Epilepsy in the Workplace

One of the most difficult things people with epilepsy have to deal with in the workplace is entirely avoidable: the stigma. Learn more about how to navigate professional spaces when you or someone you known is living with epilepsy.

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Epilepsy or a Seizure Disorder?

The most appropriate answer to this question is typically “both”. It is not uncommon to hear someone say, “No, I don’t have epilepsy. I have been diagnosed with a seizure disorder.” It is true that not all seizure disorders are epilepsy. However, most of the time, these two terms could be used interchangeably, as they both apply.

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